Kharkiv Music Fest


Konstytutsii Square 7, Kharkiv, 61200, tel.+38(057) 760-73-69, fax +38(057) 760-79-51

26.10.2022  №8-25/2162/2-22

                                 Maria Gabriel

                                        European Commissioner for Innovation,

                                                  Research, Culture, Education and Youth

Dear Ms Gabriel,

I deserve my deepest respect and have the honour to propose the city of Kharkiv as a candidate for the honorary status of the European​ Capital of Culture 2026.​

Kharkiv is a hospitable and welcoming city, where, since its foundation in 1654, representatives of more than a hundred nationalities live peacefully. Kharkiv has rich cultural traditions, a large number of objects of unique architecture, monuments, museums, and art galleries. The city harmoniously combines historical and cultural heritage and modern trends of European city development.  In 2010 Kharkiv became the first city in Ukraine to receive the Prize of Europe, which is awarded annually by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for achievements in promoting the ideas of European unity and European values.

Since February 24, 2022, Kharkiv has been one of the first cities in Ukraine to face the attack of the Russian aggressor. Almost no day has passed without severe bombing, causing human losses and suffering, and destruction of civilian infrastructure.

But Kharkiv citizens, like all Ukrainians, remain unbreakable and confident in our victory. The city government has now launched large-scale work on projects to restore Kharkiv.

The city lives​,​ will live and will develop, despite all the difficulties caused by the actions of Russian aggressors. Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city that supports the Ukrainian spirit, preserves Ukrainian identity, and fights for its cultural code. Art institutions of the city have reformatted their work. They organize refuges, and work as shelters;​ artists, while volunteering, are increasingly actively resuming their artistic activities, uniting in concert groups to raise the victorious spirit of Ukrainians and raise funds for the army and the affected civilians.

During the war, the city developed a bright calendar of cultural events, which included: the international festival of classical music “KharkivMusicFest”, the creative project “The Future of Peaceful Ukraine”, which united the efforts of professional musicians, employees of the public libraries and cultural institutions, teachers of art schools for creating platforms for cultural space and supporting the spirit of Kharkiv citizens.

Kharkiv preserves and develops cultural traditions, uniting the city community around Ukrainian and human values and beliefs.

          The city of Kharkiv is worthy of the honour to be a candidate for the status of the European Capital of Culture in 2026. Granting such status to Kharkiv will be an act of solidarity that will significantly strengthen the sense of belonging to the community and values of Europe among all Ukrainians. I confirm the readiness of the relevant executive bodies of the Kharkiv City Council to work accordingly.

I take this opportunity to renew, dear Ms Gabriel, the assurances of my highest respect for you.

The Mayor of Kharkiv                                                                     Ihor TEREKHOV