Kharkiv Music Fest



An important segment of KharkivMusicFest’s programme is ‘ArtPiano’ — a project that each year fills the city with vibrant music and bright hues. Kharkiv’s citizens give away their old pianos to bring new life to musical instruments and give joy to other residents of the city. Local artists transform old instruments into art objects. These installations will then populate the city centre everywhere from shopping malls, restaurants, to universities and even the city streets. This initiative was inspired by a world-known project called ‘Play me, I’m yours’. Over the last decade, from New York to Tokyo, more than 1600 pianos were installed across the globe with a simple instruction, “Play me, I’m yours”. 

‘ArtPiano’ project invites everyone to collaborate, be proactive and take responsibility for their urban setting, while sharing passion for art and music. Colourful pianos painted by local artists are a real platform for exchanging ideas and sharing creativity. Місце провед